Solar panels for commercial buildings are available in all sizes. The size of solar installations can vary, depending on the size of your roof and energy requirements. The obvious main use of a commercial roof is for protection, but with a solar PV installation, your roof can become a valuable asset to your business. Solar Read More →

Commercial Solar Panels installation

Commercial installation of solar panels is no longer just an option for companies wishing to be more environmentally friendly. In recent years, commercial use of solar panels has increased dramatically as a feasible method of saving money and stabilising future generation/acquisition of energy for businesses. In the first few years of solar panels becoming commercially Read More →

Solar panels have long been increasing in popularity in the private sector as a means of independently generating ones own electricity as well as the obvious motivation to steer clear of using electricity generated from finite, pricey materials that are enormously damaging to the environment. Given the large initial cost of installing solar panels, businesses Read More →

Currently, the majority of businesses obtain their energy from the National Grid who generate electricity from a variety of methods mainly being from the burning of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. In addition to both of these sources being extraordinarily damaging to the environment, they are both expensive to generate and finite, in the case Read More →