Solar panels on commercial buildings

Solar panels for commercial buildings are available in all sizes. The size of solar installations can vary, depending on the size of your roof and energy requirements.

The obvious main use of a commercial roof is for protection, but with a solar PV installation, your roof can become a valuable asset to your business. Solar PV can save your business money by reducing electricity costs, securing your future energy from price hikes and lowering your carbon footprint.

As the majority of businesses energy consumption is during daylight hours, your energy needs can be matched by solar energy production. This means your business will require much less electricity, from the grid at around double the cost per unit.

Good quality commercial solar panels offer a 25 year linear power output guarantee. It is essential to source high yielding solar panels such as REC for consistent and excellent performance. Whilst not all solar companies exclusively install REC panels these are the preferred panel to install because they offer the highest return on your investment.

Saving money by reducing energy costs is an obvious draw for businesses when considering a commercial solar rooftop installation. Currently the cost to buy your electricity from the grid is around 10-15pence per unit. Installing solar PV means you are effectively forward buying your electricity at around 5-6 pence per unit, half the price of the grid. Even with the 2016 FiT subsidy cuts businesses that are utilising solar power are achieving an ROI of 11-16% or higher, payback in 6-9 years and can be cash flow positive in as little as 2 years.

What’s more, in the UK, commercial solar can have generous tax advantages, allowing the entire capital cost to be offset against a business’s tax bill in the first year of installation. The solar PV system does not have to be owned by the business so it can be part of a pension fund, which is extremely tax-efficient.

These days all businesses need excellent green credentials and with solar PV installed, you will lower your carbon footprint significantly. Customers and suppliers you trade with may like to see businesses that are environmentally friendly and show innovation in order to achieve it. Some of our customers have won new contracts because of the solar they installed on their roof.

Finally, should you ever wish to sell your building, having solar installed on the roof can add value to the property and it will appeal to more buyers as well as tenants.

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